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Impressive Health Benefits Of Figs (Anjeer)

1. Can Help Treat Constipation

Figs actually share many benefits with dates, one of them being the ability to relieve constipation. Figs contain a fair amount of soluble fiber which helps add hydration to hardened waste material. They can either be consumed ripe, dried or soaked overnight in water, though many would prefer the soaking method if the desire is to cure constipation.

2. Figs Can Lower Cholesterol

There are many ways that foods may work to reduce cholesterol, ranging from promoting its elimination, to reducing bile acids and more. In the case of figs, you can thank its high pectin content. Pectin is a soluble fiber that binds cholesterol and helps remove it from the body via feces. 

3. Figs Help With Diabetes Control

Though figs have a fair amount of sugar, overall they are considered to have a lower than average GI index since they also contain fiber. What this does is make figs excellent snacks for diabetics, since they do not spike blood sugar levels to high. 

4. Hasten Recovery From Sore Throats

While rest is absolutely essential for recovery from a sore throat, a little help can go a far way. In this case, you can thank figs for their high content of mucilage compounds- those with a naturally “slimy” constitution. This property helps soothe irritation and inflammation associated with a sore throat, and by forming a protective film on the site, help speed up healing.

5. Help Control Blood Pressure

It is strange that many people are deficient in potassium, especially since it is not hard to obtain from diet. However, the problem arises from the fact that processed foods are loaded with sodium- which people opt for at their convenience, instead of natural foods. Figs solve this problem as they are sweet, so eating more of them does not feel as much as a chore as eating vegetables do. 

6. Figs May Help To Prevent Colon Cancer

One of the key ways to prevent colon cancer development is to ensure that waste is not kept stored for a long period of time. However, for one reason or another, people may become predisposed to constipation, inadvertently increasing your risk of colon cancer. A high fiber diet becomes absolutely mandatory in such cases, as it is unsafe to keep faeces stored for long periods of time. 

7. Figs Can Help With Weight Loss

Figs deliver a unique double whammy of having fiber which helps you feel satiated for a much longer time, and the presence of magnesium and potassium which improve insulin’s function, allowing greater sensitivity and stabilizing blood sugar levels. Just be sure to not consume too many of these figs, or you might incur a heavy calorie load without realizing it and cause weight gain instead!

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